Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I have been casting on and ripping back and casting on and ripping back on John's little hat so many times, it's ridiculous. But like many handcrafters, making something for the hubby is generally one of the hardest tasks I can tackle. I want it to be perfect, for one thing. I know this man really well, right? And I can picture exactly where he is going to wear this hat and under what sorts of conditions. Plus, I am wanting to use a super chunky baby alpaca wool and I don't have a pattern. So I knit little swatches and muddle through the best I can. I'm getting there though. It doesn't help that the man makes SUGGESTIONS along the way either. Like "Can it go down lower over my ears?" or "Can you knit anchors into it?" Tee hee. I patiently explain to him that I know what I am doing and that this yarn is really too thick for complicated stranded work. The anchors hat, which we have discussed, will be made of a much skinnier wool. THIS hat is for when it's cold and wet and you need something slouchy to put on in a hurry. Okay, so maybe I am not all that patient with him and use my long-suffering wife voice when I am saying all this...

But yesterday I started (and finished) some lovely yoga socks for my middle daughter, who is a competitive gymnast and wants a little comfort on her feet for when the gym is cold. I debated whether or not to post the photo of her in a handstand against the wall, with her bloody bandaid visible in the shot, but I figure heckfire -- gymnastics is a tough sport! Let 'em see the bandaid! You oughta' see the rips on her hands.

I found this note on them last night: "I LOVE the socks, Mom!" Way to receive a handknitted gift! She is so getting lots of goodies in her Christmas stocking!

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